Your site is beautiful.

It is. Your site looks great!
Your navigation could guide someone to the moon and back. Your nav rocks.
Your content (ahem) needs my help. (I say this as a friend.)

You are not alone. So often, the focus is on getting the site up and working and looking great. After all, once you have a stage, the words, pictures, video content, and the rest will flow, right?

Not so much. Even if there has been some planning, useful and relevant content must flow continually. Sites are like sharks in that way: stay in one place and you die. (Okay, you don't actually die--your site just won't get many repeat visitors. Isn't that almost as bad?)

Content is the reason for your website. Content is not an afterthought, but actually the reason your visitors stop by. Not just to admire your beautiful and hard-working site, but to see what's there for them.

You need me : ) You need useful and relevant content that works as hard as your site does. And you need someone to plan for maintaining that content. My user experience research informs my creation of web content, resulting in effective material for you and your visitors.

Check out my portfolio and let me know how I can help you with content: text, videos, podcasts, images.

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  • Analysis of content needs during site creation

  • Audit and analysis of current content and future content needs during site re-design

  • User experience research and testing of site architecture and content

  • Writing: website content, technical documentation, proposals, usability reports